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Download New Issue: FEB / MAR 2018 | VOL 7 – NO 1

Sitting down to write this month’s letter from the editor, fresh cup of coffee in hand, just as the writing juices began to flow I got a much-welcomed interruption. My beautiful daughter Grace phoned, talking a mile a minute, sharing every detail of her day. This issue is devoted to love, luck, and the pursuit of well-being. Please take some time to soak up the beautiful articles we have put together for you. I am so excited to share this edition with our readers.  Perhaps, you too, will see the love, luck, and well-being life has in store for you. …

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Download New Issue: DEC/JAN 2017/2018 | VOL 6 – NO 4

Ladies, once again we close in on another year’s end. I ask myself once more, where did the year go? The quote, “The days are long, but the years are short” is beyond fitting. This issue is dedicated to forgiveness and fulfillment. In a year in which our country has faced such challenging times, I know you will find reprieve in the beautiful articles in this issue. DOWNLOAD THIS ISSUE BELOW TO READ MORE! [in this issue] (16) Forgiving (18) I am Looking for Someone to Share in an Adventure (20) Casting Light (24) Letting Go (27) Forgiving Yourself (28) …

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Download New Issue: AUG/SEPT 2017 | VOL 6 – NO 3

My dear readers, it has happened. I had my first vintage moment. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not oblivious to my forty-something status. At this age. I know my tribe and that just feels good. When that vintage moment comes, we can also embrace the wisdom and the very exciting fact that we can re-purpose our lives. Young or vintage, we hope you’ll enjoy this special issue. DOWNLOAD THIS ISSUE BELOW TO READ MORE! [in this issue] (16) Faith As Stress Relief (18) Back To School Blues (20) The Virtues Of Buying Vintage (24) Sparerib And Strawberry (26) …

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Download New Issue: JUN/JUL 2017 | VOL 6 – NO 2

Well ladies, it’s time to take a break! Summer is finally here. Every summer, we’ve always had so much fun with the adventure bucket list. Get ready to enjoy all Wisconsin has to offer this summer and allow yourselves to take a break. DOWNLOAD THIS ISSUE BELOW TO READ MORE! [in this issue] (16) A Genuine Hero (18) Summer Vacation Challenges for Mom (20) 7 Benefits from Taking a Break from Sugar (24) Take a Break (from the Daily Routines) (26) Tough Talk (28) How to Stay Fit-Inspired this Summer (30) Re-Entering the Job Market [ in every issue ] …

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Download New Issue: APR/MAY 2017 | VOL 6 – NO 1

Ladies, spring is in the air! As I prepare for the spring issue of 5ive for Women, I wouldbe remiss if I did not acknowledge our own “Rays of Grace” upcoming graduation. Will you please indulge me as I use this forum as an open letter to my very own amazing Grace? DOWNLOAD THIS ISSUE BELOW TO READ MORE! [in this issue] (16) Synchronize with the Season (18) What is Functional Medicine? (20) The Sweet and Bittersweet of Spring (24) A Mistake My GPS Made (26) Show Me How (28) Spring Sanity (30) Love and Finances [ in every issue …

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