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Download New Issue: AUG/SEPT 2017 | VOL 6 – NO 3

My dear readers, it has happened. I had my first vintage moment. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not oblivious to my forty-something status. At this age. I know my tribe and that just feels good. When that vintage moment comes, we can also embrace the wisdom and the very exciting fact that we can re-purpose our lives. Young or vintage, we hope you’ll enjoy this special issue.

[in this issue]

  • (16) Faith As Stress Relief
  • (18) Back To School Blues
  • (20) The Virtues Of Buying Vintage
  • (24) Sparerib And Strawberry
  • (26) Be A Chippewa Valley Picker
  • (28) Are You Being Selfish
  • (30) 5 Mental Shifts

[ in every issue ]

Editor’s Note – News from Jen Theisen
Energize – Chippewa Valley Museum
On the Scene – Out and About in the Valley
Taking 5ive – Meet Women in the Valley
Fab Finds – Our Favorite Finds
Foodie Forum – Recipes
Quick Fixes – By the 5ive Crew
Bookmark – Book Review
Rays of Grace – By Grace Theisen
Can-Do Decorating – Classics Furniture
What’s Going On – Calendar of Events
Ad Index – A List of Advertisers

At 5ive, we are advocates of healthy priorities and fitness for life, while striving to motivate, energize, and inspire camaraderie of the Chippewa Valley sisterhood. With an emphasis on equilibrium and personal growth, 5ive for Women encourages the on-the-go gal to pause for self-nurturing through insightful articles and thought-provoking features—supporting the not-so-simple balance between faith, family, friends, fitness, and finance.

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