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Summer Snazz: Lookin’ Good on the Go

Ella Fitzgerald sang, “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” Listen to Ella. Of course, you could listen to the Kardashians, who live their lives in front of mirrors, forever polishing, primping, and poofing. Or you could really live, which means getting out there to smell that just-cut grass and stretch out like a cat on soft sand.
However, you still want to look good goin’ out the door. You just want to get out that door ASAP. So, here are some quick and easy fashion, hair, and makeup tips.

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About the author

Katie McKy is a regular 5ive contributor and the author of Wolf Camp, Pumpkin Town, It All Began with a Bean, and Tough Kids, Tough Classrooms. Katie lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and visits scores of schools every year, performing and teaching writing. In the summer, she retreats into the cultivated tranquility of her garden and the wild tranquility of the Canadian wilderness.

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