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Download New Issue: APR/MAY 2017 | VOL 6 – NO 1

Ladies, spring is in the air! As I prepare for the spring issue of 5ive for Women, I wouldbe remiss if I did not acknowledge our own “Rays of Grace” upcoming graduation. Will you please indulge me as I use this forum as an open letter to my very own amazing Grace? DOWNLOAD THIS ISSUE BELOW TO READ MORE! [in this issue] (16) Synchronize with the Season (18) What is Functional Medicine? (20) The Sweet and Bittersweet of Spring (24) A Mistake My GPS Made (26) Show Me How (28) Spring Sanity (30) Love and Finances [ in every issue …

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5ive for Women: OCT/NOV 2016 | VOL 5 – NO 5

Ready or not, here come the holidays, ladies! My favorite time of the year inevitably gets me thinking: Am I where I want to be? This year, I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone. DOWNLOAD THIS ISSUE BELOW TO READ MORE!   Cover photo credit: Deromi, Lukas Gojda/Shutterstock           [ in this issue] (14) Goblins and Gourds (16) The Story Lady (18) Primo Pooch (20) Scarfapalooza (22) Warming Up for Fall (24) 8 Holiday Fare Food Swaps (26) Holidays & Pets (28) Turning on the Olympic Power (30) Can Tai Chi Really be Easy? (32) Career Development …

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Taking 5ive with Jackie Boos

Meet Jackie Boos: busy wife, mother, business professional, and Tourism Director for the Chippewa Falls Area Chamber of Commerce. Jackie and her husband, Matt, have built a home in the beautiful rural area of Tilden; they plan to stay residents for life. While she enjoys her ambitious schedule, Jackie also realizes that it takes a balance of the five Fs—faith, family, friends, fitness, and finance—to build a successful life. Click the magazine below to read what Jackie has to say about faith, family, friends, fitness, and finance on PAGE 10:

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Taking 5ive with Kim Senn

Meet Kim Senn, a Chippewa Valley mother, wife, and life coach business owner. Despite a packed schedule full of many obligations, Kim still finds time to appreciate the most important things in life—including faith, family, friends, fitness, and finance. Click the magazine below to read what Kim has to say about faith, family, friends, fitness, and finance on PAGE 10:

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Taking 5ive with Megan MacLaughlin-Barck

WRITTEN BY HEATHER ROTHBAUER-WANISH Sometimes life turns out differently than we planned. Megan MacLaughlin-Barck’s current reality bears little resemblance to her original plans. After graduating from Chippewa Falls Senior High School, Megan vowed never to come back to the area. She earned her undergraduate degree from UW-Madison, followed by a law degree from Pace Law School. Today, Megan is the sole owner of Larson Construction Co., Inc. (a Chippewa Falls company her grandparents founded). She admits she never envisioned herself in this role—but she has eaten a lot of “nevers” along the way. Nevertheless, while balancing motherhood, a thriving business, …

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The Kindest Cut

If Shakespeare had been a woman, she would not have written, “To be or not to be, that is the question,” but rather, “To cut or not to cut, that is always the question.” It’s a question compounded by the profusion of hairstyles. Short, medium, and long hair all abound. You can wear it up or down or twisted around in a bun. Today, intentionally tousled and tightly trimmed are both considered professional. So, what’s the best ‘do for you? Before anyone puts steel to your hair, it’s best to have a revealing talk. Denise Mackey-Natz, owner of Urban Style …

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